TangoSwap is now AnSwap, we are working on a brand new look & feel.

Provide liquidity and earn fees in real time

AnSwap: provide liquidity, exchange assets and earn fees on the Stellar Network

AnSwap is a new AMM platform for the Stellar network. Provide liquidity for any asset pair and earn fees with every exchange.

Add liquidity
Add liquidity
What is AnSwap?

AnSwap is a DeFi product

a decentralized exchange in which the funds come from the community (called liquidity providers) instead of a big exchange that holds all the funds like Coinspot, Binance, etc.

It is the equivalent of Uniswap or Sushiswap (Ethereum-based decentralized exchanges) for Stellar; for all the Stellar fans out there, a product like this (and many others that are under development) could mean a massive liquidity pump into the Stellar network.

It worked extremely well for the Ethereum ecosystem and we think it will work even better in the Stellar network, and we'll cover why in a bit.

Market Making

Human Market Making vs Automated Market Making

Traditionally, market making involves someone with available capital for two currencies who can place buy and sell orders in order to create a market.

In DeFi exchanges, the liquidity is provided collectively by anyone who has the required pair of assets, and is willing to enter those assets in a pool, in exchange for collecting fees for their service.

Fee distribution
ICO Rating

ANI Tokenomics

AnSwap has it's own native token called ANI.

AnSwap reward asset
Proof of liquidity
On-chain voting
How it works